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Suggestions for Agenda



SEXUALITY. Acceptance and understanding for alternate lifestyles. Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transgender, Fetish, Alternative lifestyles. What is "normal" and how can people learn greater understanding for practices that deviate from common norms? Does Christianity condemn alternative sexual practices? Are these things wrong? Should government have the right to decide what people do in their bedrooms?
ATHIEISM and FREETHOUGHT. Secular ideologies and morality. The role of secular wisdom in our lives. The truths of atheistic and non-theistic beliefs. Can humankind be "good" without "god"? Why do people choose atheism and what does it actually mean? Are atheists and freethinkers "bad" people? Should our nation discriminate against those who are atheists in regads to holding public office? Are atheists treated unfairly in our society?
EXPLORING THE "SELF" AS PART OF THE "WHOLE". Who are we, what makes us the people we are? What influences our decision making and preferences? What value do we place on personal responsibility? How far does that extend into the world around us? How do we see the influence of our society/ our influences upon it?
RELIGION AND FAITH. The search for our personal truths. Explorations into faith and beliefs. Mythological origins of world religions, the value of faith and "spirituality" in society and in personal lives. Negative aspects of systems of faith. How our beliefs effect our decisions, and what manner these faiths become part of our "beliefs". Why do you believe what you believe?
DIVERSITY IN THE MODERN DAY. An exploration into what diversity actually is and how far reaching an influence and factor it has become in our lives. Basic historical background into the "growth" of tolerances. What is acceptable and what is not. Where do we draw the lines between acceptable and unacceptable; normal and abnormal. Ways to improve our own ability to value and respect cultural, religious, and other forms of diversity.
AMERICAN CULTURE AND GOVERNMENT. Where is this nation in respect to other nations in the world? In relation to other nations throughout history? Political efficacy, what it is and how we learn it. What democracy really means and how we can move closer to the pure state of it. Why government fails, ideas and reasons and solutions discussed.
SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, friend or foe? Exploration into the ideas of scientific discovery, manipulation of nature, medical technology and other aspects of what our "knowledge" creates in our world. Is this all of benefit to the race as a whole? What are the positive aspects? What are the negative aspects? Where should mankind draw the line in "mastery" of his environment? What are the fears and are they valid?
OUR MINDS, OUR SELVES. An exploration into the different things that help or hinder our ability to process information. Why we learn better under some circumstances? Why are some teachers better than others? What is necessary in order to really begin opening the mind up to the full extent of learning that it is capable of? Does our culture hinder our ability to do this? Are there influences that impede our progress? Have we "learned" NOT to learn certain things, and how can we retrain our minds to think in a different way? Emotional intelligence, and what that means. How do we find it, and how do we help grow the ability to use it.
LINK BETWEEN SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND SPIRITUAL WISDOM. Ancient alchemical ideas explained. Is there anywhere that "god" and "science" truly meet? What are the opposing issues, and how might they be resolved to gain greater understanding? Is "faith" a valid state of thought, or essentially a way of saying "I don’t know"? Astronomical knowledge in the ancient worlds, pyramids and Egyptian wisdom, etc…Are there any links between the two separate opposing sides?
CRITICAL THINKING. What is critical thinking, and why is it so vital? Areas in which it is necessary to learn these skills. Examples of how these skills are manifested, and examples of how they are not being properly used. The harm in not thinking for yourself. The power that critical thinking gives to us, and how it can be most readily used for our benefits. How have cultures, over history, indoctrinated the people to HINDER critical thinking skills? What about our current society? Do we truly THINK for ourselves?
MEDICINE AND HEALTH. Is our idea of modern medicine really HELPING us all? Healthcare system explored. Costs for medical care explored. Medical advancements, the good and bad side of "discovery". Artificial extension of life; an unnatural thing that we have no right playing with? Global ramifications of overpopulation (is this due the state of medicine preserving too much life?) Are we acting in accordance with natural law, or causing our own problems? AIDS and other viruses, what are their purpose, and some theories behind where they came from. Germ warfare explored. Cloning, Genetic determination of offspring traits, etc. Is this RIGHT?
ENERGY AND PHYSICS. All matter exists as one element, basic and pure? Or is it? Explanations and insight into he Physical reality base don energy, the ways it works and does not. The things we can control and what we cannot. Energy manipulation, a link to the mental abilities and telepathy? Exploration into the "occult" philosophies in regards to energies and the manifestation of these ideas through history.
NATURE STUDIES AND NATURE BASED FAITH SYSTEMS. The link between "divinity" and "physical reality" What are the principles of such systems of belief? Where did they originate, and upon what premises? Defining terms of relevance. Link to modern day faiths as well as scientific truths now understood. What did these people know that we did not? Exploration into the many different areas of such studies and beliefs. The moralistic base in such thought.
CHAOS THEORY and Mathematical explanation of our world. Explore the many theories proposed by scholars in regards to different truths about our existence and our world. Idea that everything is in constant fluctuation, we are in constant motion. All is part of all. Nothing is "predictable" Randomness is the key to survival as well as a basis of our understanding of our own lives and surroundings. What is Chaos theory, and how does it pertain to our lives? How can such in depth subjects be more easily understood? Where are the links? Where are the questions? What is fact in regards to these ideas?
INDIVIDUALITY AND SELF EXPRESSION. Why is each person an individual. How does one show that? Reasons for choices we make in regards to style and expressionistic acts. Behaviors caused by society? Reactive or proactive manifestations? What does it signify? Where is the line to be drawn? What goes too far and why. Influences that hinder our own expression, and our reactions to them. What happens that makes a person pull away from the "normal" standards? What does this represent? Symbolic of what? Exploration into these ideas.
COLLEGE EDUCATION as a means to diversify the mind and open up to the differences around you. Higher learning is tool for growth. How can this be accomplished? What is needed to make an impact where we feel changes need to be made? Agreeing to disagree; the art of debating respectfully. Learning from diversity. Respecting peers and learning from them. Changing the mind’s perception of our education, and diversifying the ways in which we can fully grow. Examination of the many ways we can benefit from higher education and the ways in which we choose to.



This is just the start of our suggestions and ideas for the discussions topics that the group will be addressing during the upcoming sessions. All suggestions for further topics to be addressed are welcome and needed.


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