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Our Mission: Unity within Diversity;

The S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. mission and purpose is to unite students at Valencia Community College East who share common interests in philosophy, society, beliefs, and thought. We are primarily a philosophy club, but also offer workshops and special events for the benefit of both our members and the college. Our focus is on diversity, education and lifelong learning, and it is our sincere hope that through our organization, students may find these qualities within themselves and share their wisdom with others.

Contact Information:

Feel Free to contact us in regards to application, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and other general information.


Contact persons: Sharon and Samantha

Telephone: (407)380-7493 or (407)623-0390

Location: Valencia Community College East Student Development Offices

Electronic mail: Webmaster:


Discussion Forum:

E-List Archives:


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