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A Core Graduate competency of Valencia Community College, as well as a vital skill in life; ACTION.

It is not enough to dream the most brilliant dreams or think the most idealistic thoughts; we must all be prepared to act upon our thoughts and make the dreams into reality. It is easy to conjure up the most inspiring of images, but it is not always so simple to take the necessary steps to realizing them.

We create our environment from moment to moment through each and every thing we do. From the moment we awake to the moment we slip into our dreams, we are making choices to act or not to. And every one of those choices has an effect upon the next moment...and the next...and the next...

It is also true that every action effects the world around us. In addition to our own life being influenced by our choices and actions, we also influence the lives and choices of those around us. This requires that a level of personal responsibility be adhered to, which will inevitably rest upon our own personal values, but should remain conscious of both the individual and the whole.

  We act in response to many different stimuli; our thoughts, or emotions, our needs, our desires; all these things play a part in determining how and when we take action. And yet, there is a lesson to be learned in regards to which of these influences are most effective and which can be harmful.

When we are aware and in control of our actions, we find that we hold a great power in our hands. This a dynamic and far reaching strength that belongs to each of us, and we must be prepared to weild it with a responsible and reflective hand.

When we stop to examine our lives, we can see the many missed opportunities and wrong decisions...we can reflect upon all those lost chances, unrealized hopes, or failed endeavors...

Or we can ACT now...


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