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Fall Session 1999

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Check out our:






We got our first session off to a rocking start!

The links below will lead you to our photo gallery for

Session I 1999/2000

There are HUNDREDS to see!

The pages may take a while to download since they are FULL of image files, but it is well worth it to see the fellowship, friendship, service and FUN!

These pictures show what our organization is all about!




Miscellany Welcome Back Days 99 Hard At Work Teeshirt Time 9_22_99 Meeting 9_25_99 Meeting 10_6_99 Meeting 10_20_99 Meeting Matador Day ICC Club Fair 10_30_99 Meeting Westminster Towers Sapphire Supper Club Reception Awards Remember Them 1999

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Miscellany ] Welcome Back Days 99 ] Hard At Work ] Teeshirt Time ] 9_22_99 Meeting ] 9_25_99 Meeting ] 10_6_99 Meeting ] 10_20_99 Meeting ] Matador Day ] ICC Club Fair ] 10_30_99 Meeting ] Westminster Towers ] Sapphire Supper Club ] Reception ] Awards ] Remember Them 1999 ]


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