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This is another core competency at Valencia, and a very important aspect of each of our lives. VALUE is the measure of meaningfulness and importance that any person, thing, idea, concept, or thought has to us. A value is a priority, driven by the passion inside us that tells us, in our gut, that something is worthwhile and worthy of our energy. Our VALUES are at the very root of our lives, our individuality, our system of ethics, and they determine the goals and aspirations we set for ourselves.

When we truly know and understand ourselves, our values become clear to us. When we see and acknowledge those values, we are free to THINK and ACT in accordance with them.

But we must also be prepared to determine and identify WHERE our values come from, and make informed decisions regarding their validity in our lives. We should understand the true nature of our values, so that we can best articulate them to others and recognize their role in our lives.

Identifying our values also allows us to work towards our futures in a way that is fulfilling and satisfying to us. In our values, we find our strengths; the things we are most passionate about and mean the most to us are inevitably the same things that will be dominant in our lives.


VALUES are fundamental to growth, effectiveness, and personal strength.


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