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SPECTRUM Philosophy Club


Organization Name

  • This East Campus Organization of Valencia Community College shall hereby be known as The East Campus Philosophy Club: S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M., which stands for the Society for Perceptive Evolution, Consciousness Transformation, and Reflective Understanding of the Mundane.


Statement Of Purpose

  • The purpose of our organization shall be to provide a friendly and supportive forum in which all genres of thought, philosophy, spirituality, beliefs and other conceptions of human wisdom may be addressed in an open, honest, and non-discriminatory manner.
  • We shall recognize and encourage scholastic and personal achievement, as well as nurture self-improvement, self-realization, and self-evolution in our members.
  • We shall seek out and gain wisdom and practical application through the synthesis of science, humanities, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, the arts, and religious traditions, fostering personal growth and understanding.
  • We shall share this spark of wisdom and provide service to our college and community through special events, lectures, activities, and self-help workshops.
  • We shall provide our members with opportunity for the development of leadership, cooperative, and organizational skills, as well as social consciousness and fellowship.
  • We shall value, encourage, and recognize freedom of thought, personal expression, individuality, awareness, and diversity.
  • We shall maintain an organization standard that is evolving and expansive, with new ideas welcomed, new insights recognized, and shall allow the organization to remain ever-changing to suit the needs of it's members and of it's college and community.

Officers and Ruling Body

  • In the spirit of true fellowship and equality, let it be known that there shall be no ruling body in this organization, but a circle of elected representatives that shall perform organizational and coordination tasks within the organization as a service to the whole. No member of the organization, including those holding formal office or title, shall hold rank over any other under any circumstances.
    • Official Organization Titles of Office
      • The offices within the organization shall be: Committee-specific Representatives (unlimited number), Chief Coordinator (1), Coordinator of Activities (1), Coordinator of Records (1), and Coordinator of Goodwill (1).
        • Each member of any committee shall hold the title of Representative, specific to their committee.
    • Duties of Officers and Representatives
      • Committee Representatives
        • It shall be the duty of every Representative to carry out the following responsibilities:
          • Attendance of scheduled general assembly meetings according to the guidelines provided for participation and attendance.
          • To Diligently uphold and defend the principles of the organization
          • To participate in and take an active role in the committee activities to which they are members.
          • To accept all responsibilities and privileges of membership, take full advantage of resources, and strive for the betterment of the organization, as well as him/her self.
          • To remain in the organization only so long as there is mutual benefit of both the organization and the individual, and only so long as the individual believes in the purpose and principles of the organization.
      • Coordinators
        • It shall be the duty of all Coordinators to carry out the following responsibilities:
          • Attendance of all scheduled General Assembly Meetings and Coordination Meetings as provided for in the guidelines for participation and attendance.
          • Representation of organization at all times.
          • To diligently perform all duties of office to his/her best ability.
          • To maintain ethical and honest dealings with all organization activities and duties
          • Uphold all regulations of the college.
          • To respectfully resign from office through the appropriate measures, as outlined in this constitution, in the event that one of the following should occur:
            • Academic progress is impeded by his/her activities within the organization
            • Family or personal reasons prevent him/her from performing duties of office
            • Graduation
            • Any cause that prevents him/her from upholding the principles and purposes of the organization diligently and enthusiastically.
          • To remain in the organization only so long as there is mutual benefit of both the organization and the individual, and only so long as the individual believes in the purpose and principles of the organization.
      • Coordinator Duties Outlined By Title
        • Coordinator of Activities
          • Shall be responsible for organization and service as chairperson for the Activities Committee.
          • Shall oversee and coordinate all social events for the organization on campus.
          • Shall maintain liaisons with the appropriate college officials, staff, and faculty for the purpose of facilitating events and activities at the college.
          • Shall establish and maintain detailed records of all Activities Committee happenings, membership, participation, and accomplishments.
          • Shall provide copies of reports and records at the first General Assembly meeting of the month to the Chief Coordinator and Advisors, and make copies available to other members upon request.
        • Coordinator of Records
          • Shall be responsible for organization and service as chairperson of the Communications Committee.
          • Shall oversee and supervise the creation and distribution of all promotional and informational material for the organization, including the advertisement materials for publication in school newsletter, flyers and pamphlets, event announcements, monthly update newsletter, and yearly journals.
          • Shall take the minutes at each General Assembly, and present minutes at each meeting, or appoint a chairperson from within the Communications Committee to perform these tasks.
          • Shall maintain all correspondence and paperwork of the organization, and collect reports each month from all Coordinators for the purpose of maintaining permanent records.
          • Shall establish and maintain detailed records of all Communications Committee happenings, membership, participation, and accomplishments.
          • Shall provide copies of reports and records at the first General Assembly meeting of the month to the Chief Coordinator and Advisors, and make copies available to other members upon request.
        • Coordinator of Goodwill
          • Shall be responsible for organization and service as chairperson for the Goodwill Committee.
          • Shall oversee and coordinate all membership events, and campus/community volunteer efforts for the organization, including charity and donation drives, on campus.
          • Shall maintain liaisons with the appropriate college officials, staff, and faculty for the purpose of facilitating events and activities at the college.
          • Shall establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other organizations on campus, for the purpose of facilitating inter-club cooperation and fellowship.
          • Shall be responsible for appointing Representatives to collect information and perform surveys, polls, and other feedback measures for the organization, as well as informing the organization about any off-campus activities and events that might be of interest or benefit to our members.
          • Shall establish and maintain detailed records of all Goodwill Committee happenings, membership, participation, and accomplishments.
          • Shall provide copies of reports and records at the first General Assembly meeting of the month to the Chief Coordinator and Advisors, and make copies available to other members upon request.
        • Chief Coordinator
          • Shall be responsible for the supervision and support of all committees and Coordinators within the organization.
          • Shall be prepared to assume the responsibilities of any Coordinator should he/she become incapable of performing duties of office.
          • Shall actively participate and offer support and assistance to all Coordinators and Committees whenever needed or desired.
          • Shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Organization's Public web site, and appoint Representatives to assist with all online activities as necessary, including, but not limited to, the informational portion of the web site, the messaging and meeting forums, and any other online advertisements or other means of communication via the site.
          • Shall be available for contact for purposes of counseling, mediation, information or other service to any member, at any time.
          • Shall act as contact person for all main organization business, and be available for any inquiries made to the organization during standard hours.
          • Maintain liaisons with appropriate college officials, staff, faculty, and advisors for the purpose of organization activities and events.
          • Shall speak publicly and impromptu at any meeting, event, workshop or seminar for the purpose of giving the opening address, or for representation of the organization before other groups and councils.
          • Shall take part in all ceremonies and events of the organization, including, but not limited to, induction of members, appointment of Coordinators, awards and recognition of members, and training sessions of all fellow Coordinators.
          • Shall be responsible for maintaining adequate contact with all fellow Coordinators and Advisors for the purpose of information exchange, current events, and scheduling of meetings.
          • Shall diligently represent the organization at all times.

Election of Officers

    • Election Proceedings
      • The Coordinators shall determine appropriate dates and times for elections for each Session or term as necessary and appropriate, prior to the start of the session.
      • All candidates must submit a request for consideration at least 30 days prior to the scheduled election meeting for that session to be listed on the ballot.
      • No formal campaigning will be permitted. Candidates shall go before the General Assembly at the decided date and time, present a brief intention speech, and submit all supporting documentation to the Coordinators at that time.
      • During this General Assembly, each candidate shall have equal opportunity to present him/her self for consideration of the Assembly, and a democratic ballot shall be instituted, all attending members shall cast their vote, which shall then be tallied.
      • The candidate for each title that receives the majority vote shall be named at that same meeting, Coordinator Elect, and he/she will be recognized by title from that point onward.
      • Formal induction of new officers shall take place at the next General Assembly Meeting, at which time each new Coordinator shall be encouraged to make a formal introduction to the group, and shall be presented with his/her Certificate of Office upon signing the "Intention Statement For Office". At this time, all records and documentation of office shall be presented to the New Coordinator, so that he/she may assume full duties of office, and a formal introduction to the standing committees shall be made at this time.
    • All elected officials are expected to perform their duties of office for the full term elected. In the event of any Coordinator's inability to perform duties of office for his/her elected term the following shall be enacted:
      • In the event of the Chief Coordinator being unable to perform duties of office, any Coordinator may make request to fill the office. The Coordinator of Records shall act as temporary Chief Coordinator until replacement is made.
        • If there is no competition in evidence for the assumption of office, the Coordinator requesting new title shall assume the office as soon as he/she has appointed a member of his/her committee to assume his/her former office, and the organization body has approved this appointee.
        • If there are two or more Coordinators making requests to fill the office of Chief Coordinator, then such matters shall be brought before the General Assembly at the first available time, and the matter shall be decided by democratic ballot.
        • If no Coordinators are able to assume the office, then full organizational elections must be held, and candidates from the membership body shall undergo the standard election procedures.
      • In the event that any other Coordinator is unable to perform his/her duties of office, the Chief Coordinator must temporarily fill the duties of office while replacement is made.
        • Coordinators must either:
          • Appoint a new Coordinator from among the willing Committee Representatives for the remainder of term of office or
          • Hold General Assembly election at the first available meeting time
    • Qualifications for Office
      • All candidates must diligently represent and defend the principles and purpose of the organization and show demonstrated interest to the organization
      • All candidates must be currently enrolled students of Valencia Community College East Campus, and be current members or Representatives of the organization prior to application for office.
      • All candidates must be making satisfactory progress in academics in order to be considered for office.
      • All candidates must have demonstrated diligence in upholding all standards of conduct and obeying all rules and regulations of the organization, the college, and the community.
      • A formal application request for office must be completed, including, but not limited to, necessary personal information, academic information, declared course of study and degree seeking status, listing of all organizations he/she is a member of, and a brief essay outlining desires and aspirations for service to the organization. This must be submitted to a Coordinator at least 30 days prior to the scheduled election Assemblies for the term of office, and only for an office that is vacant, or scheduled to be vacant for that term.
      • No formal campaigning shall be permitted for the purpose of gaining office in the organization, and all candidates shall abide by the Election guidelines, submitting applicable documentation and giving the necessary speech before the General Assembly. If these guidelines are not abided by, candidate shall be removed from ballot.



    • ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP It shall be the purpose of the organization to be open to members from many diverse backgrounds, with diverse beliefs and individualistic attributes. Membership in the organization shall be decided in a fair, non-discriminating, non-prejudiced manner in respect to all eligible student members as outlined below.
      • Applicants must be currently enrolled at Valencia Community College East Campus, maintaining satisfactory academic progress as defined by the college.
      • All prospective members must submit a standard application for membership.
      • All prospective members must demonstrate interest in, and support of, all organization principles and purposes, determined by means of a personal essay included in the application for membership.
      • All prospective members must demonstrate willingness to participate in meetings and activities of the organization, with the intentions of gaining personal growth from his/her involvement in the organization, providing service to others through the organization, and to maintain good standing as outlined below:
        • Adequate attendance of meetings and events
        • Continued interest and participation in events and activities
        • Continued satisfactory scholastic progress
        • Continued contribution and personal growth through the group
      • Shall be awarded to any member of FACULTY or STAFF of the college that demonstrates interest in the activities and principles of the organization.
      • Honorary Members shall have the same rights and privileges as other members of the organization.
      • Shall be offered to students unable to physically attend meetings of the organization on campus, and take the form of online message board, newsgroup, e-list or chat participation in organization activities.
      • All requirements excluding participation guidelines shall remain in effect for these members of the organization.
      • Cyber Members shall have the same rights and privileges as other members of the organization.
    • All applications shall be reviewed within 30 days of receipt by the Coordinators, at which time a decision shall be passed based upon the above guidelines, and notification to the applicant shall be made.
    • Any applicant who is denied membership has the right to appeal, in writing, to the Coordinators, or advisors for secondary review.
    • Non-Hazing Statement
      • Hazing is prohibited at Valencia Community College pursuant to Section 240:326, Florida Statutes and College Policy 6Hx28:10-17.
    • All members of the group shall have the right to bring guests to General Assembly Meetings, provided they accept responsibility for their guests, inform guests of policies of the organization, and do so for the purpose of expanding the circle of knowledge exchange for the benefit of all organization members.


Membership Dues

    • All eligible students, regardless of financial situation, shall have access to the organization, and therefore, membership dues shall be maintained at as low a rate as possible for the adequate functioning of the organization. When possible, there shall be no mandatory dues required of members.
    • All contributions made in the spirit of fellowship and charity will be greatly appreciated by the organization. Contributions on a voluntary basis shall be made, and all organization revenues shall be the result of such voluntary contributions, with the majority of assets of the organization resulting from the donations of items for use, and donation of time and service. These contributions shall be recognized by:
      • Honorable mention during opening minutes and address of General Assembly
      • Inclusion of honorable mention in the organization newsletter and yearly journal.
    • Any increase in the amount of dues required must
      • Be made only in the event of extreme revenue deficit.
      • Be minimal for adequate budget balancing.
      • Be approved by a majority vote of the organization body.
      • Not be instituted until the start of the following session.
    • Other means of gaining revenue shall include, but not be limited to, fundraising activities and special event contributions.



    • Standing Committees of the Organization
      • Activities Committee
        • Chairperson: Coordinator of Activities
        • Duties:
          • Organize and implement all social events and activities for the group
          • Invite and make arrangements for guest speakers to lecture on topics of relevance
          • Organize meeting and event schedules and prepare calendar for Communications Committee
      • Communications Committee
        • Chairperson: Coordinator of Records
        • Duties:
          • Organize, prepare, and distribute all educational, advertisement, and events announcements materials for the organization
          • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with staff and representatives of school newsletters, newspapers, and other campus groups for the purpose of cooperation and information exchange.
          • Prepare and distribute monthly newsletters and yearly journal.
          • Assist in the maintenance and updating of organization web site by providing all materials for inclusion to the Chief Coordinator in a timely manner.
      • Goodwill Committee
        • Chairperson: Coordinator of Goodwill
        • Duties:
          • Organize and implement monthly membership drives
          • Organize and implement polls, surveys, and other interactive feedback means for the organization
          • Plan and organize cooperative event opportunities between the organization and other clubs on campus.
          • Organize and plan all charitable and community service events and activities, providing full reports to the Activities Committee Coordinators, and taking active part in such events and activities.
          • Make the Coordinator of Goodwill aware of any new available opportunities for service, and offer all suggestions for consideration.
    • Special Committees
      • New and Special committees may be formed by any Coordinator with the approval of all Coordinators based upon the following:
        • Demonstrated need for the committee being suggested
        • Available Representatives for service on said committee
      • Procedures for Establishing New Committees
        • A request by a Representative or Coordinator must be presented to the General Assembly in writing, including the proposed chairperson title, function, size, and duration of said committee.
        • At least 3 Representatives must be signed up for service on the new Committee.
        • A vote shall be held amongst attending members of the General Assembly, and based on majority opinion, the Committee shall be put into effect.
        • Ratification to this constitution shall be made by the Coordinator of Records within 30 days of the establishment of the new Committee, if said committee is to remain permanent.
        • Notice must be provided to all members regarding the new committee, and it shall be governed by the same guidelines as other committees within the organization from that point forward.


    • General Assembly Meetings
      • Shall be held no less than two times per month during sessions I and II, with times and days determined at the start of the semester by the Coordinators and Representatives.
      • Shall be established during summer sessions at the discretion of the organization Coordinators
      • A schedule of discussion topics shall be prepared and presented at the onset of each semester as a guideline for the subjects to be addressed during that semester. Changes and adjustments will be made as needed by members in attendance of the meetings.
      • All election, induction and other special meetings shall be included in the General Assembly Schedule of meetings, so as to provide the opportunity for all members to be in attendance for such events.
      • Orientation proceedings shall be the order of business for the first General Assembly meeting of each semester, and all members are encouraged to be in attendance.
      • Attendance Guidelines:
        • Coordinators are required to attend all General Assembly Meetings. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis with prior advance notification to fellow Coordinators in regards to circumstances. Unexcused absences shall result in reprimand.
          • Exceptions include class schedule conflicts
          • Documented occupational schedule conflicts
          • Extenuating circumstances
        • Representatives are required to attend at least one General Assembly Meeting per month. Under extenuating circumstances, exceptions shall be made on an individual basis with prior notice to the Coordinator of their Committee. Excessive unexcused absences shall result in a personal conference with Coordinators for the purpose of determining a fair course of action.
        • General members of the organization are not mandated to attend meetings, but will lose the privileges associated with those General Assembly Meetings if they are not in attendance.
    • Coordination Meetings
      • Shall be held no less than one time per month at a time and day that is decided by the Coordinators.
      • All Coordinators are required to be in attendance for each Coordinator meeting
      • Shall be held apart from the General Assembly, and is limited to the business of Coordinators, Advisors, and College Officials.
      • At such times it is necessary, Representatives from other organizations may be included in the Coordination Meeting agendas for the purposes of inter-club relations and cooperative efforts.
      • Orders of business for these meetings includes the following:
        • Event and Activity Synchronization between Committees
        • Application reviews
        • Grievance and dispute proceedings
        • Constitution Ratification
        • Agenda Setting
        • New Officer Training and Orientation
        • Any other points of Business deemed necessary by the Coordinators or Faculty Advisors
    • Cyber meetings
      • Frequency and content shall be determined by the acting Coordinators for each semester as necessary.


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