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This is the introduction Page for our online discussion forum.

The online area has been established for several purposes:

To provide our members with a 24 hour access to participation in the group activities.

To allow for ongoing discussion and debate in regards to topics addressed in general assembly.

To allow for cyber members to remain active in the group and gain the benefits of participation without the need to attend campus meetings.

To provide a social interactivity for all group members in which they might get to know one another more personally and form friendships.

Participation Guidelines:

Non-Members are permitted, but only at the discretion and approval of current coordinators and members of the organization.

No hateful, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate material is permitted.

Debates must remain CIVIL...Which means that discretion and self-control must be exercised at all times. Should any discussion become aggressive in any way, the posts shall be removed and the party responsible will be contacted directly. (Please see 2nd guideline)

Discussions must remain "ON TOPIC" for their given discussion thread. This means that in responding to posts, all members are expected to be responding to the subject and theme of that post. All new subjects should be introduced as NEW TOPICS.

Social Interaction is encouraged, but the following guidelines should be respected:

No sexist, racist, or otherwise disrespectful comments.

No sexually explicit discussions.

No profanity or crude language.

No harrassment of fellow members.

With all that out of the way, Please proceed to the online discussion forum.

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