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Spring 2000

Award Recipients


Maribeth Miller - advisor

Mark Crain - coadvisor

Clay Holliday - professor

Elaine Gray - professor

Robert Carlos - contributing artist

Samantha Goodwin - Co-coordinator

Jean Carlos - Co-coordinator

Alexis Villegas - outstanding member

Victoria Gaskell - outstanding member

Anand Naiken - outstanding member

Glaucia Romano - outstanding member

Gwendolyn Cotso - outstanding member

Perry Jordan - outstanding member

Rik Okin - outstanding member

Brett Pribble - outstanding member

Zachary Cheek - outstanding member

Denitza Genova - honored member


We were fortunate enough to have guest speaker Professor Clay Holliday make a film presentation on Peter Greenaway's Pillow Book, entitled "Flesh and the Writer's Table" as part of our end of session reception festivities. Here are some photos of the event.


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Yes, Sharon is always taking pictures....Hey Franc!!!

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Camera-shy professor???

Apr20^09.jpg (76699 bytes)

People begin to pile in...

 Apr20^10.jpg (73912 bytes)    Apr20^13.jpg (69284 bytes)

The group grows and grows...

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Apr20^16.jpg (71515 bytes)

Yes, we had a packed house...and all the reception food was eaten!

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Nasty Dead Naked art stuff...hmmmmm....

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The end is near...CLEAN UP TIME!!!

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SPECTRUM members talking and philosophizing...what else is new???

A special thanks to Clay Holliday and all the terrific people who helped put this event together. We hope to have many more successful events like this in the future...


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