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Effective communication is another core competency at Valencia, and is at the very heart of all our interpresonal relationships. Our ability to communicate with those around us determines our ability to maintain relations, accomplish goals, and basically to survive in the world around us.

Communication is vital to all areas of life. Whether it is in our writing, speaking, or body language, we are transferring our thoughts to others through our communication. Effective use of this tool requires a level of discipline that allows us truly HEAR and PERCEIVE as well as TRANSMIT information. Conflicts and problems can be resolved, views can be readily shared, ideals can be transmitted, and true bonds can be formed with those around us; through the use of good communication skills in which both sides are heard and understood.

These aptitudes do not come naturally to many, and it is commonplace to see misunderstanding, assumptions, lack of interest, and a host of other problems spring up when in a communication situation. All of these problems can be overcome by one who is willing to make the effort.

When we learn to place a value on our level of communication and the skills employed there, we gain the power to share ourselves with the world. If this power is viewed as both projective and receptive, we create an air of openess and a level of trust with others that is conducive to personal fulfillment and success.



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